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YLJ Rolled Sock Filter Replace Jonell JB 336 C/JB336-C

更新时间:2019-10-24 21:10:56
Rolled Sock Filter JB 336-C Replace

YLJ FACTORY produce rolled sock filter replace JB 336

We use cotton material and spring core and sock for cover

Replace below part number

JB336C5, JB336C10, JB336C20, JB336C75

JB-336-C5, JB-336-C10, JB 336-C20, JB-336-C75

JB-336-C-5, JB336-C-10, JB336-C-20, JB336-C-75

JB 336-C5, JB 336-C10, JB 336-C20 ,JB 336-C75

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